They have no grounds ……

John Kennedy on Democratic split on Trump’s impeachment: “Go hard or go home”

If the fools who want to impeach PDT had ANYTHING concrete against him, they would have made their move a long time ago.

The anti-Trump establishment has pissed away millions, possibly billions on investigations that have gone nowhere, trying to lynch Trump and have only come up holding their come si chiama in their hands.

Like John Kennedy said; Go hard or go home. I think the democrats are so used to getting beat up and shamed, they do not want to embarrass themselves anymore than the have.

Can we even imagine what could have been accomplished in this depressed country, that is such dire need of repair, with all of that wasted energy and $oldi put to productive use??

The major problem is; the people at the top of the food chain, the rule makers, rarely feel the pinch of hard times, it is the little guys at the bottom that always catch the brunt of hard-times.

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