The 1st intelligent Occasio said ….

Ted Cruz praises AOC on banning lawmakers from becoming lobbyists: ‘I AGREE’ with her!

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex, seemed as surprised as everyone else when he admitted he agreed with a proposal put forward by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.

The duo found common ground after the New York Democrat called for a ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists. Ocasio-Cortez got the ball rolling on Twitter, reacting to a statistic that shows 60 percent of former congressmen from the 115th Congress received jobs as lobbyists or federal policy influencers, something she disapproved.



What it amounts to is a matter of commonsense; so simple that even a nitwit like Occasio can see the corruption and behind the closed doors whore deals that are made between lobbyist and political thieves.

People in power have been talking about getting rid of lobbyists (even TMC before he was elected) or prohibiting ex-lawmakers from taking such positions. All it is is a matter of paybacks and underhanded deals that are made by using a person past post/position to gain favors.

Obama facing pressure to rip up his lobbyist rules – POLITICO

Aug 12, 2016 – “Lobbyists have, we think, found a way around the rules. … gridlock to explain less need for lobbyists, while others have worked … Either of them could simply wipe out Obama’s orders with the stroke of a pen, but that could be …How Obama failed to shut Washington’s revolving door – POLITICO…/barack-obama-revolving-door-lobbying-2170…

Dec 31, 2015 – He vowed to keep lobbyists out of his administration, but loopholes … havetested the policy like never before as some Obama appointees jump …

Just another in the long line of promises TMC made that he never kept.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE: You scratch my back, I will grease your palm.

lob·by·ist/ˈläbiist/nounplural noun: lobbyists

  1. a person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators.”industry lobbyists pushed the government to undo the decision”

The influence and the power lobbyists have in politics is tremendous and they should not be allowed in the halls of congress or anywhere else.

We will have to chalk up one for Occasio for having 1/10th of a brain behind her bulging eye balls.


My question is; if issues like thieving lobbyists are so obvious to her, how can Occasio be such a numb-skull when it comes to other issues?? The vast majority of what it takes to be a good leader only requires, commonsense and honesty. Occasio has fallen a little short on both.

As the old saying goes; even a dog finds a bone once and awhile!!

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