A real loss for the black community ….

Bill Cosby drops defamation counter suit against 7 women

From this:

To this:

I have expressed this observation many times before. When Mt. Huxtable was exposed as a serial molester and rapist, not only did he grossly destroy his once stellar reputation, it was a very big blow to the black community.

Out of all the black leaders, The Coz was one of the very few that told it like it was and tried his best to EDUCATE the black kids on start taking responsibility for their own actions.

Then, up jumped the devil and Cosby’s secret life came to the forefront. What a shame that he had so many different faces.

Blacks are Screwed By no one else but Themselves – YouTube

Uploaded by BlacksAgainstBETBill Cosby speaks about the need for blacks to realize that it is high time to get themselves together and stop …You visited this page on 5/9/19.

Remember this? | C-SPAN.org
▶ 51:07
Aug 21, 2004Bill Cosby on ‘Afro-American’ parenting. … 00:04:21, Unidentified Speaker. SOMEBODY WILL TAKE ONE …

Regardless of his clandestine obsessions, what he was preaching the black kids was right on the money. Start taking responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming the white man. That in-itself went over like passing gas at a high mass in church with many of the black community. The fact of the matter is; the truth sometimes hurts. BUTT without addressing the truth and taking corrective measures, it is like a cat on a slippery floor running as fast as he can and going nowhere.

By the headlines, we see Cosby is dropping his lawsuits against 7 women. The light must have finally gone on in his cranium and he saw he was pissing up the proverbial rope.

When Cosby was out there trying to set the kids on the right path, he had a multitude of people trying to assassinate his character (before the molestation accusations came out). These are the same fools that continually try to piss off the black community by the fiery rhetoric. If these charlatans would press the EDUCATION issue instead of the HATRED issue, they might have to go find a job somewhere when the dead presidents quit dropping.


EDUCATION is the only avenue to success. Violence was and always will be counter-productive.

This has been sated many times. We can not change what happened history, BUTT we do have the power charting our own course for the future. Living in the past can be very counter-productive. Do not forget the past, but put it in the closet and take steps to move forward productively. Anyone that disagrees with that is not playing with a full deck.

Unfortunately; there have been some very good people that went down the tubes for something stupid they did or didn’t do. What are they remembered for. Not all the good they did, BUTT only the bad.

Great Man:

We can do 1,000 right and no one notices; BUTT all we have to do is one thing wrong, that is all they remember!! Human nature.

I will never say I feel sorry for Mr. Huxtable because he got what he deserves. What I will say; it is a shame, if not for his secret life, he could have made a significant impact on educating the blacks kid.


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