$oldi first – fans safety second ….

Foul ball off bat of Cubs player Albert Almora Jr. strikes child; play briefly halted


As far as I know, some of the major league ball parks have NOT YET fully complied with the ruling of installing safety nets to protect the people that are keeping them in business. I say; boycott all games until they comply. That is the only way the greedy owners will get the message.

They don’t worry about their family getting nailed with a broken bat or foul ball, they are in their private little sky box.

This just goes to show us how concerned the greedy owners are that are balking on making a baseball game safe for the fans.

With all of their power and $oldi, through some legal jargon/maneuvering, printed on the back of the tickets, the owner are NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE for any injuries that happen in their stadiums.

Sporting Events – Who is Held Responsible for an Injury?

Jul 18, 2016 – It may seem safe to assume that if a ball player strikes and injures a fan, the team should be held responsible for the injury.. … Most sports organizations also print disclaimers on the back of every ticket as an extra measure … running the stadium has a legal obligation to ensure its premises pose no danger


License To Kill? Major League Baseball’s Foul Ball Immunity

Apr 28, 2016 – A study in 2003 found that injuries to spectators at MLB games from foul … steps to install more protective netting to ensure the safety of fans … The Yankees refused. … a ballpark owner does not absolutely insure the safety of baseball …. is Exhausted at the 2019 Annual NASP Conference on October 28, …

Baseball teams need to protect fans from foul balls — and US courts …

Mar 28, 2018 – A century-old legal doctrine has protected MLB teams from liability, when a … are gathering at Major League Baseball ballparks around the country for hot dogs, … more than 1,750 fans are hurt each year by batted balls at MLB games. … obvious and that fans legally assume the risk of any resulting injuries.

Major League Baseball Balks at Foul Ball Safety Measures

Sep 12, 2014 – While Major League Baseball is very concerned with fan safety, “there is no … Appeals courts in Georgia and Idaho this year refused on technical grounds to … known as the “Baseball Rule,” that shields teams and stadium owners from … MLB did require in 2012 that teams install temporary netting during …

I say; shut them down until they all get-in-line. That is the only way they will take fan safety serious. Possibly if the greedy owners miss a few cocktail parties, they will get the message.

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