Live by the sword, get your ass killed ….

Iranian hitman linked to Irish gangsters ‘Gucci Gang’ killed in Ireland in apparent revenge attack

Wanna play, you gotta pay.

There are various reason some people get involved in a life of crime. Possibly someone in their family IS/WAS INVOLVED – they wanna be a big shot – they love the recognition that goes along with THEIR STANDING IN LIFE – they love to power attached to their JOB; BUTT somewhere down the line, very few of the Bad Boys get to collect their pensions. Sanambar is a good example. He lived to a ripe old age of 41. I have shoes that old.

An Iranian national suspected of working as a hitman for a group of gangsters known as the “Gucci Gang” was shot dead in Ireland on Tuesday in an apparent revenge killing for the murder of two of his fellow associates.

Hamid Sanambar, 41, was reportedly shot in the head and chest outside the home of his driver, Sean Little, 22, who was found dead, beside a burning car, from an apparent gunshot wound on May 21, The Irish Sun reported.



They love the fast life and the excitement attached to it; that is until it comes and bites them in the ass.

Should we shed a tear for these bad boys?? Absolutely not. They died the way they lived. What more can a respectable hit-man AXE for!!

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