The fool verses sophisticated – the fool verses the genius …..

Ben Carson hits back at Ilhan Omar after she knocks his performance during House hearing

Here we have yet another fool that is LIVING THE LIFE of capitalism, BUTT is spearheading her socio-political-Ponzi scheme/agenda where only the thieves at the top come away with the all the marbles. She of all people have no business bad-rapping anyone, let alone someone with Ben Carson impeccable credentials.

The only way fools like Omar know how to try and make their mark, is by trying to discrediting people like Dr. Carson how is one of the most well renowned people in medicine, dignified and a solid of a citizen/patriot as any person can be. Little does the Muslim fool know, the only person she is making a fool out of is herself.

If she lived to be 2,000 years old, she could never be good enough to shine Dr. Carson’s shoes.

Between Ossacio and Omar, it is a toss up as to which one of them is the most ignorant by their comments and the way they conduct themselves. I know one thing for sure, Omar is the more vicious and dangerous of the two.

Anti-Americans like the both of them have no place in this country, enjoying all of our freedoms, BUTT constantly chopping it up. As bad as they say the USA is, I don’t see them making their move to greener pastures. Both should go live in Venezuela.

They are as bad as all of celeb fools that were going to leave the USA if Trump was elected. Not one of them got their hats or bonnets yet. They are all just a lot of conversation, hot air and

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