Is this another privileged pay-off ….

Penn State frat brothers linked to pledge’s death won’t serve jail time, judge rules

A Pennsylvania judge has traded in jail time for a more lenient sentence for three former Penn State fraternity brothers who pleaded guilty to charges related to the 2017 hazing death of Beta Theta Pi pledge Tim Piazza.

I can bet that Piazza’s parents are elated!!

Why bother with a trial when a fix may have been in before the trial starts??

Piazza, a pledge at the time, died Feb. 4, 2017, after suffering injuries following a night of heaving drinking and hazing.

This may be just another story where; money talks and the pampered little brats get away clean with little to no consequences.

I have to blame some of the colleges that still allow hazing, or that knows it it going on , BUTT doesn’t punish the participants.

That is just the phone call all parents dread, getting a phone call saying their kid is dead.

Remember the Affluenza Kid who was spoiled rotten. What a number his ignorant parents did on this brat, constantly buying his spoiled ass out of a jam.

This situation should serve as a lesson to the all the parents that shelter their brats and continually buy their way out of a jack-pot. BUTT it doesn’t. They have to pay the Piper for their mistakes or they get the wrong message.

Anyone looking to buy their brats way onto the rowing team??? I know a guy that knows a guy …… Cash is acceptable.

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