Spy or not …..

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Your phone is spying? The truth behind the strange phenomenon

For years there has been the suspicion that our phone are eavesdropping on all of our conversations. According to the experts, that is not the case. I don’t agree with them.

Perhaps you’ve been talking to a friend about an island vacation, when suddenly deals for the Maldives or Hawaii pop up on your Facebook feed. Or you are talking to your co-worker about yard renovations when advertisements for lawnmowers litter your Twitter, or maybe you were talking about why you stopped drinking and a random sponsored article about the growing trend of “elective sobriety” is suddenly in front of your eyes.

According to Alex Hamerstone, Government, Risk and Compliance practice lead at information technology security firm, TrustedSec, “It’s easy to feel like our phone is spying on us. It is actually spying on us, but it is not eavesdropping. “The reason why we see ads pop up that seem to be correlated to the exact thing we were just talking about is because technology and marketing companies gather extensive amounts of personal and behavioral data on us, but it’s not from eavesdropping — it’s from surfing the web, shopping, posting on social media, and other things people do online.”

One other device that is under suspicion of snooping is the household gadget Alexa. According to Amazon; Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa products are considered “always-on” devices — but that doesn’t mean they record customers’ conversations. The devices constantly listen for a user to say a “wake word,” which triggers Alexa to begin recording voice data and respond to commands.

Personally, I do not believe either one of the experts. I believe that these devices are snooping and listening to all of our conversations. There are too many co-incidents that can not be justified or considered by chance.

There is even some conversation that; when a persons cell phone is off, their conversation can still be recorded. I believe it.

Smart TV’s are another form of snooping. Every time I walk by one of these gadgets, I call it a dirty son-of-a-bitch, just in case they are listening.

There is no such thing as privacy anymore. The credit card companies, the government, even your local pharmacy knows more about all of us then we know ourselves.

If our cell phones are on, our every move is tracked and recorded. I have returned home from a restaurant and 40 miles from my house and get a text AXING me how the food was.

In one area of crime solving; the tracking of the phones has been positive, being able to place a suspect at the scene of the crime at a specific time. That is one plus out of the 1,000’s of intrusions.

Every-time we download an app to their phone or to our computer, we are AXED to relinquish all of the documents, photos and other personal information. Most of the people never take the time to read the fine print and automatically click OK. That is a very big mistake. BEWARE OF WHAT YOU CLICK ON.

One of the most powerful/intrusive companies out there is Google. Just how powerful is Google??

  • Google is a multinational tech company based in the United States with $75,000,000,000 of annual revenue and 55,000 employees.
  • Google has diversified its portfolio, acquiring YouTube, Waze, and Nest, along with expanding to the smartphone business with Android, researching artificial intelligence, and developing self-driving cars and wearable technology.
  • Through web searches and the usage of its products, Google is able to track the global arms trade, the spread of disease, censorship, and local crises successfully.
  • Google has shown it will not allow government censorship or interference from the U.S. or abroad.
  • A study performed showed that a political candidate’s ranking in search results could affect an undecided voter’s opinions.
  • Google has spent millions of dollars researching artificial intelligence, energy, and technology’s effects on people. As a leader in their field, the company is ingrained in politics, media, and technology.

With their tentacles into every facet of our lives, there is virtually nothing that Google does not know about any person after they have used their service. It is scary.

What is the solution to protecting our privacy?? There probably is no solution, except; shit-canning your cell phone, smart TV and computer; crawl into a cave about 2,000′ under ground and stay there for the duration.

I have always maintained; I question the value of any advancements in technology when there are so many negatives attached to them.

PETE AND REPEAT; We were all a lot better off in simpler times.

One good example of advancements in technology:


If this is considered progress and advancement; put me back in that cave I was talking about.

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1 Response to Spy or not …..

  1. JCscuba says:

    That why I live alone, I have nobody to talk to anyway. As a precaution, my PDA is kept in my freezer so I know where to go to find it.

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