No less, a father of three ……

Millionaire to be sentenced for having sex with teen on auto-piloted plane

Stephen Bradley Mell of Somerset County, was allegedly introduced to the 15-year-old girl by her own mother — who wanted the teen to take flying lessons, the Bridgewater Courier News reports, citing the complaint.


Mell, a 53-year-old father of three, began chatting with the girl in 2017 — exchanging text messages and SnapChat photos — before eventually arraigning to meet up at his $3.8 million mansion in Bedminster, the complaint says.

Mell allegedly “performed oral sex acts” on the girl on June 20 and then again several weeks later after sending her a message that said, “Miss you so much.”

This fool is about as low as one can get on the human-being chain of life. Not only was he having sex a with a 15 years old, he has three kids he should have been setting a good example for. I have to believe, his kids are taking a real beat by the bullies on account of their degenerate old man.

For no other reason; there are things a good parents should not do so they can be good role models for their kids. I guess the stupidity, selfishness and perverted sexual desires of some fools is just overwhelming.

Mell — who pleaded guilty last year to engaging in interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, as well as child pornography — is scheduled to appear in federal court Tuesday for sentencing.

Just to spice up on of their trips; Mell put the plane on autopilot while he was getting it on with the teen. Not only is he an over-sexed pervert, BUTT an over-sexed risk-taking idiot as well.

If Mell did one thing right, he pleaded guilty to all charges; hopefully so his family will not be subjected to the added disgrace of a trial.

To all the horny guys and gals out there; there is plenty of trim out there of legal age. You don’t have to go to the sand box to find playmate.

I keep talking about THE GOOD OLD DAYS, that I would go back to in a minute.

In 1960 there were 17,000 rapes in the USA – 2010 there were 136,000.

1960 there were 290,000 violent crimes – 2010 there were 1,400,000

Check out the website for the entire list of crimes and there escalation. After review, tell me we were not better off back then, than we are now. That is not the kind of progress we need.

It is impossible for anyone that has not lived back in the day to understand the extreme differences in human behavior between then and now. There is absolutely no comparison; unless someone is looking to have sex with a robot. Gotta be a lot of them out there.


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