Nan and The Ship of Fools – open your doors, you have company waiting to get in …

Alleged serial killer, a Kenyan man in the US illegally, is charged in multiple Dallas-area deaths

A Kenyan man living in the U.S. illegally has been charged by Texas prosecutors with killing 11 more elderly women, whose jewelry and other valuables he stole, authorities said Thursday.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, was indicted Tuesday on multiple counts of capital murder in the deaths of the women, 76 to 94 years old, according to Dallas County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Kim Leach.

The suspect was initially arrested in March 2018 in connection with the death of 81-year-old Dallas woman Lu Thi Harris, making for a total of 12 alleged victims.

This kind of scum is what the liberal, bleeding hearts are defending and hiding out in their sanctuary cities.

I just saw Pelosi’s rebuttal on PDT’s new immigration plan. The old beat-up broad is a disgrace to the Italian community, her-self and to the USA. She is obviously not a champion for the people, she is ONLY a CHUMPION only for herself.

Pelosi calls Trump immigration plan’s focus on merit ‘condescending ……/444047-pelosi-says-merit-based-immigration-is-a-con…

21 hours ago – slammed the White House’s immigration plan ahead of its. … It also calls for newinfrastructure at ports of entry that would seek to speed up …

If PDT would say he is going to PUT THE GATES WIDE OPEN, she would say that is a bad idea. He says white, she say black, he say yes, she says no, he say close, she says open, he says Nan is an idiot, I agree.

How does a anyone negotiate with a fool that has such a closed mind or that has made their decision before the question is asked?? Every-time she opens that fly trap, she makes a bigger fool of herself.

Possibly we should tie her hand behind her back, so she will not be-able to talk.

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