How much abuse can a body take before it caves in???

Professional wrestler Ric Flair hospitalized, per reports

People say wrestling is phony and a lot of bull-shit, BUTT the professional wrestlers are some of the best athletes in the world. The ones that are in the sport for years take an unbelievably pounding.

I remember when John Stossel AXED a pro-wrestler if the sport was fake and the wrestler answered Stossel’s question with a couple of shots to the head, almost knocking him

If I am not mistaken, the wrestler was fined and almost disbanded from the sport.

He taught Stossel one thing, wrestling sure is hell not fake!! For sure rigged, BUTT most of the techniques are authentic.

No wonder Flair and many of the wrestlers have had long range health affects from the sport. It can be absolutely brutal to their longevity.

Dozens of wrestlers sue WWE over CTE and effects of traumatic brain ……/dozens-of-wrestlers-sue-wwe-over-cte-and-effects..

Jul 18, 2016 – The suit alleges that the wrestlers incurred “long term neurological injuries” in the course of working for the company, while it “routinely failed to …

Just like many other sports, the owners are money mongers and don’t give two shits about their wrestlers long range health.

It is ALWAYS about the BUCK$

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