Don’t play the dozens – the dozens ain’t your game ….

Steve Harvey told Kenan Thompson ‘you better watch yourself’ over comedian’s ‘SNL’ impression

Harvey being Cleveland Guy, he grew up playing the dozens; his pissed off response to Kenan’s ball -busting was;

BOY, don’t play the dozens, cause the dozens ain’t your game, I knocked up your Ma Ma and your Daddy got the blame.

From the time SNL first aired, I could never stand the program. Their sense of humor, if that is what you want to call it, has always gone way past past reasonable.

One of the ironic situations about SNL; look at one of their best, fools like Alec Baldwin that have no room breaking anyone’s balls. The guy is a certified nut-case. Don’t believe me, AXE his daughter and ex-wife.

Baldwin is just one of the hundreds that represent what SNL is all about.

Steve buddy; don’t take any shit from the fools; keep kicking ass and taking names.


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