Best law in years ….

Trump says cop killers should ‘immediately’ get death penalty

President Trump said criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty, returning to his previous calls for harsher punishment.

“The ambushes and attacks on our police must end, and they must end right now,” Trump said. “We believe that criminals who murder police officers should immediately, but with trial, get the death penalty.”

A law such as this may not stop the cop killers completely, but it would make some of the killers think twice before pulling the trigger.

Just like that law would be governed under national guide-lines, I believe all laws/sentencing should be nationally equal. A crime committed in Alaska should the same penalty as a crime committed in Florida.

After proven beyond a shadow of doubt, the slime that kill cops and are found guilty, they should be executed before the sun goes down the very same day. I think that it would get a lot of attention.

It is hilarious. The killer of any victim, law-enforcement or not, who are sentenced to death, 95% of them are pleading for their lives before the switch is pulled.

How long are inmates on death row?

In 2010, a death row inmate waited an average of 178 months (roughly 15 years) between sentencing and execution. Nearly a quarter of inmates on death row in the U.S. die of natural causes while awaiting execution.

Is that a %$#@*& joke or what??? Many of the criminals in prison never had it so good as they do behind bars. That is one of the reason so many crimes are committed. The living conditions in the slams are too appealing.

Take a look at some of the luxuries prisoner have around the the world and then AXE yourself, why not commit a crime???

Personally, I think all laws are too lenient. These criminals love to get sent up. Half of their family and 3/4 of the homies are there waiting for them. It is like one big reunion every-time the steel gate slams behind them.

SOOOO, will PDT’s suggestion to put cop killers to death immediately stop the crime?? Probably not, BUTT it would sure save the government the expense on keeping them alive.

Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. Maintaining each death row prisoner costs taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population.

There were 2,738 people on death row in the United States on July 1, 2018, the most recent date for which data is available from the Criminal Justice Project.

What is the logic in keeping these criminals alive???

If nothing else, do the math.

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