Will TMC ever take responsibility…

Iran says Trump playing ‘very dangerous game’ and risking ‘devastating war’

Will TMC ever admit his monumental blunder when he handed 151 billion dollar$ over to Iran with virtually no strings attached, don’t hold your breath. A decision of that magnitude had to be deliberate. I say, with his half-assed decision making, TMC is the biggest contributor that will eventually be the undoing of the USA.

How do we judge a person?? By their honesty, integrate and trustworthiness. In all departments, TMC failed miserably, but will never have courage or backbone to admit it.

Just how severe the repercussion will be in the long run are anyone’s guess, BUTT none of the possibilities are any good.

Yet this man prances around like a stud stallion horse with millions of fools that adore him. It is hard to understand how ignorance can be so pervasive.

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