So what is the problem…..

Texas border agents say 5,500 migrants a day are illegally entering US

That calculates to 38,5000 a week – 165,000 a month – 2,737,500 a year. What is the problem with that.

When was the 1 st time or the last time we saw any politician open the front door to their Castles and invite a few hundred immigrants for an extended stay??

Most politicians are like worms. As long as they can stay off of the hook, that is all they concerned with is saving their own ass.

If this insanity continues for 10 year, we will have 20,737,500 more people in the country then we have now.

What do we do with them – how do we feed them – house them and take care of their daily needs?? I am only talking about the good ones.

In that mix of boarders crossers are the worst of the worst criminals invading this country unchallenged. Why is it so hard for The Ship of Fools to grasp the reality of the situation??

The bleeding hearts are doing the same thing TMC did when he aided and abetted the enemy. The bleeding hearts are setting the USA for total destruction.

The USA can’t adequately take care of our own citizens let alone another 20 million ever 10 years.

As far as I know, the numbers the boarder guards are quoting are ONLY in Texas.

It is total insanity.

Read this attachment. If this does not depict the situation and eventual demise of the USA 1,000%, nothing does.

The Romans thought they were too big to fall. We know the rest of the history.

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