Little consolation …

Colorado parent warned school about violence and bullying before school shooting

The authorities had an inclination, BUTT did nothing or could do nothing about it. Little consolation for the victims and their families.

In order to get a handle on this mass shooting insanity and other horrific crimes, the laws must be changed allow the authorities to make an arrest on suspicion of a crime. If this deliberate action is not taken, the country better stock up on body bags.

Equally as important or more, vigilance by ALL citizens must be conducted and reported to authorities if they suspect a crime is going to be committed.

I would rather see 1,000 people innocent be detained without just cause, then seeing one person being shot or killed.

Times change and the laws must change with the times. If anyone has not noticed, the USA is in dire straights and needs to adjust.

Wake up folks or possibly become a statistic and wind-up in one of these.

The crazy part of this very sad scenario, there are still bleeding hearts out there that do not agree more drastic changes be made.


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