What is the greater cost???

Colorado school shooting updates: STEM school to be closed this week after 1 dead, 8 injured

What is the greater cost, the lives of students or placing well qualified guards at the entrances and exist of schools??

I did a post on 10-09-15 that no one wants to pay attention to. Read it.


These are very critical/crazy times we live in and the rule books must be changed if we want to combat the criminals and mentally insane.

How many people have to be killed or wounded before the fools that control the purse strings open the bank books and start protecting school kids??

If the country can piss away trillions on witch hunts – illegals – terrorist and the like, why can’t they protect the kids in this country.

These kind of attacks are never going to stop and must be dealt with by nipping them in the bud.

I don’t know how many people it will take to get killed or injured by these crack-pots, before the authorities get off their DEAD ass and make a strategic move to stop the attacks.

I just read seconds ago, the gender gap has been closed in the shooting. There is now a female that was one of the shooters. Probably some innocent looking young lady that no one would suspect of such a crime.

BEWARE: The Devil wears many different disguises.

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