Good choice – bad choice ????

Lara Trump defends Tiger Woods, Trump after newspaper’s blistering editorial

Trump 2020 campaign senior advisor and the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, defended golfer Tiger Woods Monday after he was accused by the Baltimore Sun of “embracing” President Trump.

The paper accused Trump of “inciting” bigotry and racism, by accepting a prestigious award at the White House.

“What a shame that people are trying to take away such a great moment for him, for his family. I thought it was beautiful. Tiger Woods is the epitome of what people should try to be like in this country. He had a downward spiral. Things were looking a little bad for him. He came back not only on the golf course but in life,” Trump said on “Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.”

Pres·i·den·tial Med·al of Free·dom

  • 1.(in the US) a medal constituting the highest award that can be given to a civilian in peacetime.

Is The Tiger all that?? Who really knows or who really cares. If he was not a golfer, would he be held in such high esteem as PDT holds him?? Probably not. I would like to know what makes Tiger so special in PDT’s eyes. What has Tiger done for humanity?

After a little research I found these charities that Tiger helps support:

Does his involvement in these charities warrant the prestigious medal of freedom PDT pinned on his chest?? As I said; if he was not one of the best golfer in the world would …..

As far as the Baltimore Sun goes; the fact of the matter is; some fools are pissed off that a black man is rapping with the president that some claim is a bigot and a racist. They have no proof of their accusations, just some more, we lost the election cry-babies.

If I were to give Tiger any award, it would be THE AWARD for, being able to take a licking, but kept on ticking.


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