They won’t be able to give the tickets away ….

Ticket prices plunge for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour

Think CHC and WB will be getting the message?? They are through – no one cares anymore – their day in the sunshine/limelight is over. Bill Who – Hillary Who????

Tickets to the latest stop on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour were going for as little as $20 on the secondary market as their 13-city adventure continued to struggle to find an audience.

The best seats in the house at Seattle’s WaMu Theater on Friday could be had for $829, a steep 54% drop from the $1,785 that the former first couple fetched when the tour was announced in early November.

Are you kidding me?? Who in the hell would pay 829.00 – let alone 1,785 dollar$ to hear the Clinton’s sling their line of bullshit. It has been proven time after time; they are both obsessive liars. So how the hell can anyone believe what they say??


Hillary Clinton’s Lie List Grows Longer | National Review

Sep 20, 2017 – The popular verdict of Hillary’s What Happened has already been delivered, and it will stick: … Hillary’s New — Ever Lengthening — List of Lies.

Considering the average dinner for 2 at Fleming’s being 150.00$; with 1,700.00$ I could take 12 people out to dinner and walk away very satisfied and without a migraine.


or this??

I will take door # 2.

CHC – WB; read the handwriting on the wall. You are washed up. I am surprised it took so long. One thing I will give you both credit for, you have had one hell of a ride.

Speaking of hell; if there is such a place, take some of that speech money, better go out and buy a couple of asbestos suit, just in case. They say it can get pretty hot down there.

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