Whenever you thought you say it all ….

Multistate child exploitation operation bust leads to 82 arrests, 17 rescues, officials say

They can not get much lower or worse then bastards/bitches/scum that exploit/abuse children. There are no denigrating words in the dictionary to describe them.


Officials in Georgia announced Friday that 82 suspects were arrested as a result of a four-month-long sting across eight states targeting those who possessed or distributed “the most violent sexual abuse material involving infants and toddlers.”

To my way of thinking; there is no sentence severe enough to punish these worms for their crimes. Depending on ones complicity, the death penalty should not be out of the question. Would the death penalty be a deterrent for other scumbags with the same mentality/previsions?? Probably not, BUTT at least we would rid mankind of the degenerates and not reward them, housing and feeding for the rest of their life.

Animals/subhumans who have no regard for children and their safety, in my opinion, there is nothing worse.


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