She has to have a lot of dirt on some very important people ….

Nancy Pelosi says she “lost sleep” after watching Barr testimony

It slays the hell out of me the double standards the politicians have. If someone in another party does anything inappropriate, they crucify them immediately. If someone in their party does the exact same thing, they make excuses for them claiming ignorance/accidental or dementia.

I still think Nan had to catch a lot of people with their hands in the cookie jar for her to keep getting reappointed/elected to her post. The OLD GIRL has been at it a long time. Some of the comments that come out of her seem unintelligible or very confusing. She is very hard to follow at time. When she speaks, she looks like she just finished a 10 course dinner.

The one thing I will give her recognition for; right, wrong or indifferent, she is a gutsy/ballsy lady and does not back up in the line of fire. That can be a great asset or a huge detriment.

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1 Response to She has to have a lot of dirt on some very important people ….

  1. JCscuba says:

    Well stated and absolutely on course. She is the consummate harridan,

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