Old jokes came back to haunt him ….

Trump’s pick for Fed board says he regrets joke about Obamas: ‘I shouldn’t have said it’

Comments like this only leads us to believe; what the hell do some of these fools have between their ears??

President Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, expressed regret this week for comments he made in 2016 regarding the Obamas leaving the White House, as confirmation of his nomination appears uncertain.

Shortly after Trump’s 2016 election victory, Moore quipped: “There’s that great cartoon going along, that the New York Times headline: ‘First thing Donald Trump does as president is kick a black family out of public housing.’ And it has Obama leaving the White House. I mean, I just love that one.”

Although Moore was technically right; there are certain things that are better off left unsaid.

I am sure that Moore’s words will come back to haunt him.

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1 Response to Old jokes came back to haunt him ….

  1. Only Democrats are allowed to make presidential jokes it appears. It was clever if said in private to your wife..

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