Taking their education too extremes …

20 Indian students commit suicide after exam results

Twenty students have committed suicide in India this past week after the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) announced their exam scores, which Khaleejtimes reported have been marked in controversy after there were discrepancies in the results.

Nearly 1 million students took the exams between February and March, and nearly 350,000 failed, causing widespread protests from parents, student groups and political parties.


In the USA, in some cases there is very little pressure put on kids to excel with their educations. If they pass it is OK, if they fail, no big deal. In some parts of the world there is too much pressure put on students to excel and in other parts, not enough.

In some cases we see where THE SPECIAL PEOPLE buy their kids education and way through life. In the long run, what the hell does the kid know when and if they graduate?? 0000000000000000

While Rich People Bribe Their Kids’ Way Into College … – Education Post

https://educationpost.org › Blog › Better Conversation

Mar 13, 2019 – While Rich People Bribe Their Kids’ Way Into College, Parents of Color … Erika Sanzi is a former teacher and school board member, a mom of three … who want the exact same thing for their children but can’t afford to buy it.

Many of these extremists fanatics carry their beliefs with them to this country.

The rules of life in India, some places in the Muslin world and other countries are very extreme in some cases. They settle their differences with-in their families by killing who they think broke the rules or did not live up to their expectations. They call them honor killings.

Two girls murdered in Texas taxi: Were they honor killings? – Reuters


Jun 18, 2015 – Their father Yaser Said has not been found since that New Year’s Day seven years ago when he told his daughters to climb into his cab, he was taking them out to dinner. … the grip of an Egyptian father who planned Muslim marriages. … Amina was secretly dating Trotter’s son, Joseph, and Sarah had a …


He shot both of his daughters in the head. And they talk about Mommy Dearest!!


The distinctive nature of honor killings is the collective nature of the crime – many members of an extended family plan the act together, sometimes through a formal “family council”. A significant feature is the connection of honor killings to the control of individual’s behavior, in particular in regard to sexuality/marriage, by the family as a collective. Another key aspect is the importance of the reputation of the family in the community, and the stigma associated with losing social status, particularly in tight-knit communities.[11] Perpetrators often do not face negative stigma within their communities, because their behavior is seen as justified.[12]

With the extremists mentality such as this; it is easy to understand why some other disciplines like education are taken so seriously and to extraordinary levels.

Image and a successful status in some cultures are definitely taken to extremes. People that fail in those departments are considered shameful and an embarrassment to their families. All that should be expected out of anyone is for them to do the best they can. Suicide is not the answer, it only magnifies their situation.

Not everyone in the world can be a rocket scientist, doctor or engineer; we still need construction workers and sanitary engineers (garbage-men) to make the systems work properly. In some cases there definitely is too much emphases put on getting a degree.

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