Shoulda hired a hit man

Joe Biden’s senior adviser in 2016: ‘We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now’

Joe Biden has hired Symone Sanders, a prominent political strategist, as a senior adviser to his newly launched presidential campaign.

Jokin Joe just gave the republicans a big boost/a shot in the arm in the election by hiring a strategist like Saunders.

Winning friends and influencing people is not one of this women’s strong suits. It appears to me; she failed that subject dramatically in college.

SOOOOOO, according to this expert, all Jokin Joe needs is the black vote to get him elected. This lady better buy a new calculator. According to what I see, the black community is only 12.7% of the population in the USA. Out of that number, how many f them vote??

Joe; you gotta be Jokin hiring this self-proclaimed expert.

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