Deja vu all over again …

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh in poor health, not ‘lucid’ enough to resign: attorney

Sounds to me like this lady mayoress is suffering from the Bill Cosby syndrome.


How convenient for her dis-honorablesse to feel ill all of a sudden. Possibly the fear of jail time she is facing is the bug that bit her.

In the latest image-tarnishing scandal for struggling Baltimore, the first-term Democratic mayor faces accusations that she used children’s book deals to cover up kickbacks for favorable treatment as a state lawmaker and city leader that earned her roughly $800,000 over several years.

As much money as these greedy fools make, it never is enough for some of them. They have champagne taste and Pepsi Cola pockets and are forced to steal to keep up their high-flying lifestyles.

I hope the poor thing recovers soon so she can keep her appointment with the guy with the gavel.

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