Haste make waste …..

Prince Harry was ‘worried’ about not finding a partner, wanted to start a family quickly, book claims

Harry may live to regret his hasty decision. My MAIN objection to his hook up is, it is used goods.

Nothing worse then walking into a room filled with people and have everyone smiling at you and you don’t know what they are smiling about, BUTT you really do.

Image result for HARRY AND MEGHAN

We all know how BROAD minded the British are. BUTT in my opinion, there are more minuses then there are pluses in their relationship. Harry broke about every Royal Rule in the books when he said I DO with Merkle.

Fort centuries there were rules of ENGAGEMENT the royals followed as to keep their blood line strong.



With Harry and Merkle, they threw the book away and wound-up with a Heines 57 pedigree. Even though it is far-fetched, Harry is still 6th in line for the throne, which is a significant position to be in.

I still say; Liz is not a happy camper.


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