1/16th Pocahontas speaks with forked tongue ….

Warren’s $1.25T education plan ‘sweeping’ giveaway to the wealthy at expense of the poor, WaPo editorial board says

Just another member of the political Ponzi scheme; Pocahontas Warren keeps throwing shit out there hoping some of it will stick to the wall. They, the Ponzi scheme players, we know who they are, TMC – Ossacio – Omar and their clan know good and well their horse-shit platforms are impossible to implement, FREE – FREE -FREE. They are trying to coax/entice some very thirsty/oblivious people in the dessert, who are dying of thirst to buy into their Ponzi scheme, where the only victors are the people on top.

It is a shame that many people vote with their hearts and not their head. They do not see or do not want to see the impossibility of these issues ever flying; all they see is that golden fried pork chop hanging in front of them and that free chit for the chow line of life.

Wise up folks, as the old saying goes; if it looks too good to be true is usually is.

FREE – FREE -FREE, they is no such animal. The funds have to come from somewhere. Like TMC, when he stole billion$ from other sources to fund his Un-affordable health care plan, just to get his name in the history books. That was not an accomplishment, it was theft in office.


If we have to steal from Peter to pay Paul; I do not consider that an achievement.
FREE – FREE -FREE does not exist.

Pocahontas is as bad as De Niro claiming to be Italian, while he is only 1/8 Dago.

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