Where the hell are the health inspectors …

Women seeking discount plastic surgery paid with their lives at clinics opened by felons


Florida legislators failed to act as the high-volume businesses left 13 dead, a dozen injured, according to a USA TODAY investigation.

At New Life Plastic Surgery, seen here, and Strax Rejuvenation, women died after their doctors injected fat into their muscles in a popular procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift, autopsy records and interviews show.

One dead, two dead, maybe three, Butt 13 dead and no investigation?? There has to be some serious $olidi being exchanged to keep the wolf away from the doors.

That is what we can call our tax dollars hard at work keeping the public safe.

Years back, a fat ass was NOT desirable. With enough money pumped into fad or new trend, the trend setter can cow sell shit to a dairy farmer.


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