She still has Harry’s nose wide open …

Prince Harry wants ‘to be his own person,’ live separately from Prince William, says royal expert

One can not help but suspect that the little lady is turning Harry’s head away from the family.

If Harry and his blushing bride want to live separate lives, away from the family, the $oldi should be separated as well. Then I am sure they will have a Royal epiphany and change of heart.

I don’t have much regard from anyone that tries to put a wedge in between family members. This girl knew exactly what she was getting when she snagged Prince Harry.

She went from this

To this, overnight

Meghan is no fool. I counted 8 or 9 home the royal couples split their time in between.

Harry has to GROW A SET soon or down the road, he will be one pissed off prince. BUTT then again, there are guys that like to be dominated. He may be one of them.

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