Whatever happened to a good old fashion slap or punch between combatants ???

Ex-boyfriend of victim arrested in ax attack that left one woman dead and another fighting for her life

Police have arrested the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims of a brutal ax attack on Saturday that left one woman dead and another fighting for her life.

Jerry Brown, 34, has been charged with murder and attempted murder after allegedly chopping his girlfriend, Angela Valle, and her pregnant friend Savannah Rivera, with an ax at an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York.

It is almost unimaginable being attacked by an ax wielding nutcase and trying to defend against it.

Many times I make reference to the OLD DAYS when most people were more civilized. When two people used to have a difference of opinion, possibly it ended with a slap or a punch. Not these days. Many arguments end in a slaughter; with dismemberment, killing with a hatchet or ax. This type of outrageous behavior is just one of the many indicators as how low mankind has regressed to.

In the mix, we have a psycho that is high on drugs or booze, mentally unstable and has animalistic/sadistic tendencies wrapped into one. There is no way any civilized, mentally competent person would attack anyone with a ax.

Way-back-when, from time to time, very infrequently we would hear of such sadistic behavior, but in recent times, the acts of violence have escalated into unimaginable acts of horror. So much for a civilized society.

Acts of incredible brutality/violence is universal and has risen to new heights.

The Escalating Genocide in Myanmar – Dialogue & Discourse – Medium

May 29, 2018 – The Escalating Genocide in Myanmar. Go to the … but the most recent acts of violence have escalated the conflict to a previously unimaginable intensity and level of despair. … [We] stand as an independent body which is free from all elements of terror in any nature, seek fundamental but legitimate rights …

The Rohingya refugee crisis speaks to the worst acts of humanity …

https://www.theguardian.com/…/rohingya-refugee-crisis-speaks-worst-acts-humanity-my…Aug 22, 2018 – More than 700000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in the past year. … refugees have fled escalating violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh … The scale and brutality of the violence they’ve gone through is unimaginable. … me was the way in which the horrors of the Rohingya situation were …

These act of extreme violence are no compliment as to where mankind is headed. Very disturbing!!

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger. It is shameful we have to be of that mindset!! Where are we really safe?? At the movie theater on a Saturday evening – in church – in school – in a shopping mall – walking down the street – how about in our own home???


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