Must feel good to be on their knees ….

Dispute over pro-police ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag results in $100G settlement for county employee who sued

Pathetic politics at its beast.

In her lawsuit, Guion-Pledgure alleged that other county employees had retaliated against her after she complained that the pro-police flag was offensive, the report said.

The plaintiff, a black woman, contended that the phrase “Blue Lives Matter” had co-opted the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” and thus denigrated and diluted the original term.


That deserves a 100 G settlement?? Did these fools open a can of worms for the rest of the parasites in the country to use as a precedent.


I wonder if this hustler still works for the county?? I really don’t blame the parasite, I blame the fools that approved the shakedown.

100,000.00????? GMAFB

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