We love you grandpaw; BUTT …..

Teen, 3 friends charged in beating, stabbing death of grandfather, 71, for $30G kept in safe, police say

You can always tell how much a kid loves his grandpa, by the number of times he stabs him. This degenerate must have really loves the old man.



Two teenage girls and two adult men are facing homicide and other charges in connection with the brutal beating and stabbing death of the 71-year-old grandfather of one of the girls, authorities said.

The girls, ages 16 and 17, and the men, ages 19 and 20, committed the crime so they could take $30,000 in cash that the elderly man kept in a safe in the basement of his Edwardsville, Pa., home, authorities said.

These type of incidents in the old days were the exception not the rule. People have become so anesthetized to violence, incidents like this barely fazes them.

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