Prime example of an ambulance chaser ….

Dan Bongino: The more we find out about Michael Avenatti, the creepier he becomes

Speaking to Carlson about this crazy week in news, Bongino led off with a very clear truth: porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is as creepy as they get. He’s up there with James Comey on the strangeness scale and he’s beyond Joe Biden on the creepy scale. Nobody comes close on the sleaziness scale.

I pegged Avenatti right from the get-go. If he is not the poster child for The Ambulance Chaser’s Union; WW II was not loud – Sluggo didn’t get into Nancy’s pant and a pig prick is not pork!! How about them apples!!

Some of his top clientele before the bomb got dropped on his sleazy ass were, R Kelly – The Stripper Stormy Daniels – Turncoat Michael Cohen and a slew of others STAND-UP folks.

I think that pretty much covered it.

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