PDT was shittin bricks

USA TODAY: Mueller report takeaways: Trump thought probe would ‘end’ his presidency


So I guess it’s safe to say that PDT with shittin bricks!!

You cannot really blame the man. Regardless of what anybody thinks about Donald Trump: the guys got bigger balls than any pawn shop I’ve ever seen. The guy was built to take punishment.

Mueller’s decision was not sufficient to satisfy the far-left social Democrats. They want to launch their own investigation. Before Mullers findings came out they were doing the Irish jig in celebration. They’re nothing but a pathetic bunch of politicians.

I still say if all the effort that has been put into trying to crucify Donald Trump, was put into something constructive, this country wouldn’t have been a lot further ahead than it is now. Stupidity at its finest

I still want to see the investigators be investigated. 95% of them are as crooked as the Peyroni.

For those of you that are not familiar what the Peyroni syndrome is, look it up I think you will find it humorous and fits them to a “T”

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