Creating bigger and bigger monsters ….

California city tests universal basic income program ahead of 2020

Gotta be something in the California air that makes those people nuts.

The city of Stockton, Calif., which launched a universal basic income pilot program earlier this year, will listen to stories from a select group of recipients of the no-strings-attached cash by the end of April, adding tangible anecdotes to the national political conversation on income inequality ahead of 2020.N

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, a pilot program on universal basic income, launched in February, the Los Angeles Times reported.  Over 100 residents from the city’s lower-income neighborhoods will be administered $500 a month via debit cards for the next year and a half. The money comes without any restrictions, such as requiring recipients to be employed or maintain sobriety.

The liquor stores will have people lined up with their city issued credit cards around the block. Possibly the drug dealers will be accepting credit cards to make life a little easier for their customers

Instead of creating jobs and getting the pathetics out from under their miserable existence, these fools are rewarding bad behavior. It is totally the exact opposite of what anyone with common-sense would do.

Do these fools really know what kind of monsters they are creating?? The good, hard working tax payers in this country should be up in arms against the government knowing their hard earned money is going toward supporting, for the most part, parasitic people that are lost in space and would not work if they were handed a job.

Is it pathetic or what to see how the United States has regressed.


My version: Give a drunk some free $oldi and he will never get a job!!

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