$1 billion pledged to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

$1 billion pledged to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral after fire https://www.cbsnews.com/news/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-billion-dollars-pledges-donations/

Being a realist and knowing how devious mankind can be, I am wondering how much of that money will go toward the restoration and how much is going into some thieves pocket??

It is the way of the world.

Started in 1200s. Christians would pay money to church officials to have their sins forgiven, get time off from purgatory and then get to heaven. Some priests even had some of their people paying for dead family members to get to heaven.

Most probably, these corrupt activities continue to this day.

The biggest advantage the crooked priest/ bishops/cardinals/popes have, they can look in the mirror, confess their sins and absolve themselves. WAFR

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