They are special, privileged people – Just ask them …..

Felicity Huffman And 12 Other Parents Will Plead Guilty In The Massive College Admissions Scam

There are genuine/hardworking/law-abiding people who have spent their lives playing by the rules. Scuffling to try and get ahead – not crossing that line just because it is not the right thing to do; because it would not set a good example for their kids. For the most part, they usually end up in the short end of the stick. The only thing many of them have at the end of the day is self-respect.

Then we have the SPECIAL PEOPLE. The fools that believe they were put on this earth to be served to and pampered by society. THE SPECIAL PEOPLE. They think that all of mankind only purpose in life is to serve their SPECIAL ASSES.

It appears that many of these cheats that were involved in the college scandal were let off the hook by doing a plea deal and will not serve any time in the slams. You know what I have to say about that. It is a lot of

I said it from the beginning, I would be very surprised if any of them would serve any time in prison. $$$$$$PECIAL PEOPLE!!

A decision like the plead deal only fortifies their already inflated ego that they can buy their way out of jail, just like the bought their kids way into college. Has there been a lesson learned. HELL NO. Are they sorry for what they did?? HELL NO , they are only sorry because they got caught.

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