Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda …. The CHC syndrome ….


Crowley had dirt on Ocasio-Cortez but decided not to use it in campaign

An overconfident Joe Crowley opted against using negative ammunition against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because he believed that he had the Democratic primary locked up and didn’t want to look weak in a race he was expected to walk away with.

Crowley, a longtime political power broker from Queens, was widely considered to be perfectly situated to become then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s successor before his stunning defeat last June that propelled the former waitress to the halls of Congress.

It looks to me like Good Old Joe was bitten by the same bug CHC was when she was running for the Big Chair. It is called the overconfident bug.

CHC thought she had it in the bag long before the votes were counted. HELLOOO Hillary!!

As we know, the game of politics is the dirtiest game in town and running for office has to be played with no rules except to win. It is all out war between two combatants. When they have their opponent on the ropes, nail them with a round-house kick nuts, when they get them on the ground, dropkick them in the head. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Ask Good Old Joe if he would have attack his opponent any differently Now after the fact, Good Old Joe is licking his wounds, wishing he would have used all the ammo and dirt he had against the obnoxious brat Occasio.


LIFE LESSON 101: Never assume the check it good until it is in the bank collecting interest!!


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1 Response to Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda …. The CHC syndrome ….

  1. JCscuba says:

    I think this little dirt bag is getting far too much ink.

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