Talk about jungle justice ….


Suspected rhino poacher killed by elephant and then eaten by lions, police say

Name withheld: A rhino poacher in South Africa was killed by an elephant before his body was apparently devoured by lions, authorities said. A search team in Kruger National Park was only able to recover a skull and a pair of pants.

Mother Nature has a way of turning the tide in many ways. This certainly was one of them.

Hats off to Mr. Elephant and his accomplice Mr. Lion. They got even with at least one poacher.

I always have been adamantly against trophy hunting. The ONLY way any of the beautiful animals should be killed is to feed people or thin out the herds if they are over-populating and causing a threat.


1.2 million animals have been killed by people in the name of trophy hunting. That breaks down to about 70,000 animals each year. Oct 25, 2018 It is disgraceful. All to fill the ego of some insecure man or women.

Just like everything else self-centered humans get their hands on, they destroy it.

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