One of the biggest hustlers on the air OR at least was ….

Dr. Phil was the highest paid entertainer on TV making a whopping 88 million a year. Like so many of the 1 percenters, they NEVER have enough.


Take the time to watch the video, it is very enlightening as to who the man really is.

I pegged him quiet some time ago as the biggest hustler on the airwaves. He was constantly promoting his sidelines, Doctor on Demand that he owns with his son, his podcast, his wife’s cosmetic line, plus , plus, plus. He evolved into one huge mega-hustler.

It would be very interesting to see what kind of a kick-back he gets/got, if any, from all of the companies he promotes during his show. According to Dr. Phil, all of institutions he recommendations to his disturbed guests are the biggest and the best in the business.

IFFF Dr. Phil is getting a kick-back; what kind of credibility do the people have that he is promoting???

When he 1st came on the air, being backed by Oprah, his show had a little credibility with guest who had real issues and severe problems. After a couple of years, he started going down the tubes.

It turns out that the Good Doctor is NOT all that he claims to be. This is just one of the many questionable incidents he has been involved it.

I have to wonder why it took CBS so long to recognize they were getting bamboozled??

Dr. Phil’s latest scandal part of a controversial history…/dr-phils-guest-drug-abuse-scandal-latest-in-history-…

Dec 30, 2017 – Dr. Phil, who first became a celebrity psychologist on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and his daytime talk show and rehab business empire have …

As time progressed, it was my opinion that he was sinking or stooped to just one notch above Jerry Springer’s level.

SOOOO, if the video above is accurate, Dr. Phil is a charlatan and a fraud. I guess 88 million (depending on what you read, some say 79 million) a years is not enough for the Big Fella!!

I am fairly certain The Doctor, like a squirrel, tucked enough nuts away he will not miss any meals.

I wonder what Oprah thinks of the guy she put in the spot-light??

The lady has some unusual bad luck when it comes to relationships. After she WENT TO THE CROSS for Obama and helped get him elected; Mrs O made her hubby cut ties with the billionaire entertainer. Mrs O felt the competition was too much for her to handle.

The man should hang his head in shame for all his underhanded activities. BUTT, I know he won’t

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