Double edged sword …..

Trump reacts to Barbara Bush criticism: ‘Look what I did to her sons.

Trump in one of his weaker moments, admitted he could see why Mrs. Bush hated him. “I have heard that she was nasty to me, but she should be. Look what I did to her sons,” Trump told the Washington Times in an exclusive Oval Office interview.

I can understand how Barbra Bush felt about Donald Trump. He said a lot of nasty thing about her husband and her sons at one time or another. That is an instinct all GOOD mother and fathers should have, to protect their kids.

On the other side of the coin; if anyone should know how dirty politics is/was, Barbara should have. Being most of her family were involved in the dirty game of politics (dirtier then the WWF) where there are no rules except to win, she should have been anesthetized by politics.

As far as I can see, much of the conflict between politicians is an act between them. After their debate/name calling and slander, where they call each-other everything BUTT a white-man, they shake hands and hug one another. Especially, Jokin Joe THE HUGGER. He is very big in the hugging department.

Mrs. Bush was quite the elegant lady and will be remembered as one of the best to sit next to a president.


As far as PDT (AKA The Donald) goes; The Donald is The Donald is not going to change completely anytime soon. He is going to continue with what got him the The Big Chair. Although, as minute as it my seem, I have seen a slight improvement in his diplomacy and behavior lately.

This song was made for Mrs. Barbara Bush!! May she RIP!!

May she RIP

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