A minor part caused the deaths of 348 people ….

A software problem was the cause of two major aircraft crashes that killed 346 people.

The question is; how long had Boeing known about the potential problem?

Boeing’s CEO admitted on Thursday that a failure of its software was one of the causes in the recent deadly 737 Max jet crashes.

Dennis Muilenburg said a new software update would prevent future incidents.


Years ago I read a story about a car company that had a major problem with their cars catching fire that caused multiple deaths.

The Bastard Big Wigs for the company held a meeting to address the problem. The TOP DOG ( and I mean DOG) of the pack calculated; if they made a recall and fixed all the cars, it would cost them (these are hypothetical numbers) 200 million; BUTT if they ignored the malfunction and allowed additional deaths to occur, it would only cost them 40 million. It does not take a ingenious to figure out what the cold blooded Bastards did.

I am not cast any aspersions at Boeing, I am just laying it on the line as to how BIG BUSINESS operates. 99% of them are only looking at the bottom line.

There is a possibility Boeing did know about the software issue and had intended to fix it. Not a great comfort for the 346 deaths and their families.

During his apology, Boeing’s CEO claims that the aircraft in question is the safest aircraft in operation. I would suggest, that is debatable.

The ambulance chasers will have a field-day with this tragedy.

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