While politicians are playing with themselves, the public suffers ….

Disaster relief for flooded Midwest stalled by Dems’ ‘political games,’ GOP says

Isn’t there anything these DC fools can set aside and remove the politics from??

Senate Republicans on Monday blasted their Democratic colleagues for blocking a disaster relief bill that was intended to help Midwestern regions affected by flooding because it supposedly didn’t go far enough to help Puerto Rico.

The bill, originally sponsored by Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., proposed $13.5 billion in relief funding for areas recently hit by natural disasters. The 44-49 vote fell short of a majority, and far short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster.

Come on little girls; if one of your kin-folk was under water, there would be no hesitation as to the settlement/approval for relief funds.

Their entire mission while in office is; 1st to lining their pockets – 2nd to try and screw the other side.

Grow up girls; while you are playing your GET BACK GAMES, there are people’s lives at stake.

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