Advice for Pa Pa Frank ……

Pope Francis takes thinly veiled swipe at Trump, calls out leaders who want walls


Pope Francis on Sunday called out political leaders intent on building walls in their country and warned that they will “end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build.”

“Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build,” he said. Francis continued, “I realize that with this problem (of migration), a government has a hot potato in its hands, but it must be resolved differently, humanely, not with razor wire.”

Is this guy prophetic or what???????? The PEDOPHILE WALL he helped construct by his silence, is now collapsing all around him and making him a prisoner of what he had a hand in.

I can not believe that very foolish people are STILL dropping dead presidents in the basket on Sunday, knowing that their hard earned money is going toward settle lawsuit against church. Is it blind faith or stupidity?? You can answer that.

MESSAGE: Pa Pa Frank; you have enough problems of your own to deal with. Leave the politics to the LYING politicians and stick to getting your religion that is in bad shape, straightened out. At this point, I don’t know if that is possible.

NO ONE in their right mind would sanction open boarders. Are you nuts???

I still have not heard any denial by Frank for his involvement and cover up with the sissy priests.

Pope Francis, the Accusations and the Back Story – The New York Times…/pope-francis-vigano-mccarrick.htmlAug 27, 2018 – An archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, released a letter claiming that Pope Francis, his predecessors and others in the church hierarchy knew of ..

As the old saying goes; religion and politics never mix well together.

Who is worse – PDT for wanting closed boarders for the protection of his country or Pa Pa Frank, who by his silence and cover-ups allowed 1,000’s of more molestation on kids by THE DEVILS WITH BLACK SOULS??

The answer should be very easy!!

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