It is about time ….

We finally have someone sitting in the Big Chair who knows the meaning of; CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, and has the onions to cut off the foreign aid.

Making good on a longstanding threat, President Trump moved this weekend to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, whose citizens are fleeing north and overwhelming U.S. resources — including as part of organized caravans that the White House has warned may eventually lead to the closure of the entire southern border with Mexico.

This is not directly connected to the topic; butt has merit. I truly don’t understand the logic of some people. Many of the countries we have been SUPPORTING have been on the USA’s payroll for decades, but are broke or claim to be because of their mismanagement and corruption. Most of the $oldi we are donating, never gets to its intended source. It lands in the lap of the corrupt government officials. I would feel a lot better if we sent a delegation into these places and hand-delivered the funds to the people that needed it.

Take the anchor we have hanging over our head for decades called Puerto Rico. It cost the USA: According to the Consolidated Federal Funds Report compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, Puerto Rico has received more than $21 billion annually in federal aid from the United States.

I will make it short and sour;


I have a few of my own. My favorite is; if everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong.

There are particular group of people in this world that are used to being TAKEN CARE OF; even if you gave them a job, they would turn their nose up at it. Their mentality is; why work if I can make more on relief as my family has for generations!!

Who is getting the most?

In terms of regions, the Middle East and North Africa receive the most of the economic assistance.

The Sub-Saharan Africa region receives $US1.2 billion — 25.32 per cent of the budget.

In terms of individual countries, the following receive the most in economic [not security] aid:

  • Afghanistan ($US650,000,000)
  • Jordan ($US635,800,000)
  • Kenya ($US632,500,000)
  • Tanzania ($US534,500,000)
  • Uganda ($US435,500,000)
  • Zambia ($US428,525,000)
  • Nigeria ($US413,300,000)

In terms of security aid, the countries receiving the most help are:

  • Afghanistan ($US5 billion)
  • Israel ($US3.2 billion)
  • Iraq ($US1.3 billion)u
  • Egypt ($US1.3 billion)
  • Syria ($US541,500,000)
  • Jordan ($US364,200,000)

These are just the tip of the ice-pick as to what the benevolent/foolish USA gives away. How can a country as a whole, give away the store when our shelves are empty. Get your puking bowl ready.


Most of these countries, IFFF they were managed properly, because of their natural resources, they could be more well off financially than the USA. Some probably are!!

I know that many of the countries we support are in strategic parts of the world, that if left unattended, it would be detrimental to the world. Butt, is the price the USA has paid and been paying worth the risk?? It is a fine line.

If not cut off completely, at the very least, it should be the policy of our government to insure ALL of our funding lands in the right place.

I don’t care how much water is in a well; if it continually keeps getting drawn on, it certainly will go dry.

The problem with mos politicians, they live for today and what they can get out of it; they do not have enough sense to look into the future before making commitments or decisions. Just because a pattern has been set 50 or 100 years ago, does not mean it has to be written in stone.

The time has come to cut off the gravy train to those that mismanage or misuse our hand-outs.

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