Got another one ….

It is difficult to believe there are people that fall for this scam.

How are you doing today?My name is Major Thomas R John and I am a U.S soldier.
Right now I am in Syria where I and some of my soldiers are fighting the ISIS terrorist group. Few days ago I and my colleagues recovered some huge amount of money here during an operation against the ISIS terrorist group which we just shared yesterday and I want to move mine to a safe place and that is why I am contacting you through this mail because this is the only means of communication right now here.
I found your email address on the internet while searching for rightful person whom I can trust with this money until I am out of this place and I decided to email you to know if you are willing to do this with me.
I am willing to offer you 35% of the total amount which is Eleven Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($11.4 million USD). Please get back to me if you are willing to do the deal with me and I also want you to know that this is very legit.
Note that Your 35% is amounted to Three Million Nine Hundred and Ninety Thousand Dollars ($3,990,000 USD) and you are free to take it out from the $11.4 million dollar as soon as the money get to you and keep mine for me until I am out of this place.
Write me back via my email address at ( ) and I will put you through on how I planned moving the money to you.
Please reply me back if you are interested on this business and you are to keep this between both of us please.

Thank you
Major Thomas R John

In conclusion; Listen to the Major and don’t tell anyone about this communication!! you are to keep this between both of us please. 

The sons-a-bitch probably sent it to a couple million people. He definitely will have some poor soul bite.

I would think these fools would make an attempt be a little more diligent in their writing skills; they have much to be desired.


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