Don’t get sucked in by the SONS-A-BITCH

Awhile back I did a post on internet scams. advising the readers not to get sucked into the con. This morning I got a new email with a new pitch from another scumbag, this time posing as a military person. The lucky SONS-A-BITCH and his buddies just happened to trip over a bag of money; 17.8 million dollar$ to be exact. That had to be one very large bag someone left unattended. SONS-A-BITCH!!!

This scam has to be very tempting to some unassuming, gullible fools.


Good day to you, I am contacting you again,

I am Adams, a U.S soldier currently carrying out my duty in Syria. I have a proposal for you. I and some of my colleagues recovered some huge amount of money here last two weeks during an operation. We just shared the money some days ago and I want to move mine to a safe place that’s why am contacting you through this mail because this is the only means of communication I have here.

I came across your email when I was searching for a random person online who I can trust with this proposal. I am willing to offer you 40% of the total money which is $17.8 million USD if you are willing to do the deal with me and I also want you to know that this is very legit.

Here is my personal email address: ( you can reply me here if you are willing to do this deal with me and I will advise you ahead on how I will send the funds out to you.

You are to ignore this mail if you are not interested.

I will wait for your response.

Best Regards,
Adams Nelson.
DDGDS means – Desert Dwelling Genetic Deficient Scumbag

If you noticed in the letter, the creep is using email address:
( – BUTT claims his name is Adams Nelson. Curious??

The sons-a-bitch isn’t even a good bull-shiter.

In life, if it ever seems to be too good to be true, 99.9% of the time, it usually is.

The citizens of ancient Troy had to learn their lesson the hard way. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


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