Biden the Mauler …..

Fox News

Joe Biden accused of inappropriate conduct by former Nevada Dem candidate

I have been saying it for years; Joking Joe thinks he is god’s gift to women. Between swimming in the nude in front of his female secret service agents to manhandling women, JJ is off the charts. The BOY got a problem.

BUTT being he is part of the RAT /RODENT pack in DC he continues getting a pass.

Flores was in line, waiting to go on stage at the rally when she claimed to have “felt two hands on my shoulders.”


“Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me?” she recalled.

Flores claimed Biden sniffed her hair and “proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head.”

Somebody gotta put drop the hammer to this guy. Let us wait and see if Flores will go anywhere with this. Doubtful.

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3 Responses to Biden the Mauler …..

  1. At least they can’t call him racist. Pervert maybe, but not racist. I wonder if he’ll still run after this news.

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