Let me guess what he died from …..

Dennis Hof’s cause of death revealed

I bet the lad died with a smile on his face!!


Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof, a legal pimp who gained notoriety for an HBO series about his business, died of acute myocardial infarction (a heart attack), according to an autopsy report obtained by Fox News.

Per the report, the heart attack was due to “atherosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease.” Other significant conditions listed included diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Lets just say that Hof went to the BUFFET TABLE of sex everyday. He had his choice of some of the finest ladies on the planet. Is what he did for a living and his lifestyle acceptable in society?? That depends on when you talk to.

Wikipedia: Dennis Hof (October 14, 1946 – October 16, 2018) was an Americanbrothel owner, politician, and star of the HBO series Cathouse. He was best known as the owner of seven legal brothels in Nevada. Several of his brothels are in Moundhouse, Nevada, a few minutes outside Carson City. His best-known brothel is the Moonlite BunnyRanch. Hof wrote an autobiography, The Art Of The Pimp. He was posthumously elected to the Nevada Assembly less than one month after his death.[2]

I say prostitution should be legal in every state of the union. It would at least be controlled by keeping the diseases down and safer for it’s clientele. That way Buddy Kraft would not have to wear a coat with a big collar when he was making his daily visits.


As I said many time; the belief that prostitution is the oldest occupation is close, BUTT not completely accurate. I say a politician was her pimp, so tell me, who came 1st??

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