He ate the whole thing…..

World’s Strongest Man orders Taco Bell’s entire menu for eating challenge: ‘My stomach hurts so bad’


Brian Shaw, a four-time World’s Strongest Man winner, knows how to eat. The six-foot-eight, 415-pound athlete from Brighton, Colo., routinely uses his popular YouTube channel to chronicle his unique diet – which has him consuming 12,000 calories and six pounds of meat each day to maintain his (almost) larger-than-life size, BarBend reported.

This may be quite the challenge for some folks, butt this is just another walk in the park for the Big Guy.

He order one of each on the entire menu at Taco Bell, butt shied away from the veggie items. His Granny would not have approved.

As the old saying goes; I rather cloth the guy than feed him. Butt as big as the lad is, that could be very costly as well.

There is rumor circulating that the lad is barred from most public restrooms. I can understand why!!

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